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Quality guaranteed

Top product safety and
quality standards

Top product safety is a non-negotiable element of our corporate policy. We guarantee our customers not only a reliable cold chain from purchase to delivery, but start to ensure our high quality standards in the country of origin by having thorough quality checks of the merchandise performed on the producer’s premises.

Additional inspections are conducted by the responsible veterinary authorities when the goods are imported into the European Union. As soon as the merchandise arrives in containers at the port in Germany and at our premises, it is thoroughly inspected once again.

Optimum flow of goods

Direct import from the country of origin

As import specialists with comprehensive experience, we are thoroughly familiar with the business mentality and individual characteristics of the different countries of origin.

We can respond to all customer requirements quickly and flexibly thanks to our sound knowledge of the market and long-standing relations with the producers.

State-of-the-art refrigeration technology

Certified and experienced

Our ISO-certified high-bay cold and frozen storage facilities, in combination with our essential technical expertise, ensure optimum storage of the merchandise.

Especially with fresh food, it is vital to ensure not only strict adherence to all HACCP principles, but also rigorous compliance with the prescribed storage temperatures and ideal storage conditions.

RARI Food International

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