A mobile home butchery is founded by Carl Rachow near Bad Doberan, Mecklenburg.

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Relocation to Hamburg and foundation of a butcher’s business, including wholesale marketing by the founder’s son Carl-Max Rachow and his wife Emmi Rachow, née Schmidt, in the Hamburg district of Eidelstedt.

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Takeover of “Hugo Schewe Innereiengroßhandel”, a wholesale company at Hamburg slaughterhouse specialising in offal, by the founder’s grandson Karlheinz Max Rachow and Alfons Rischer. Company name changed to “Rachow & Rischer Innereiengroßhandel”.

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Thorsten Rachow (born 28 April 1961) joins the company, which is reorganised as a global import company for top quality meat cuts from all over the world.

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Rollout of company’s own brand Laschori, imported lamb ham from New Zealand marketed under the company’s own brand Laschori

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Foundation of RARI Fleischimport, Export-Grosshandels GmbH. Over the following 15 years, establishment and expansion of an extensive range of frozen fish, seafood, game and poultry, which is imported from all over the world and sold to regional food wholesalers in Germany and Austria and later to neighbouring EU partner countries.

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The Laschori brand is expanded to cover the company’s entire product groups

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Thorsten Rachow sells off major shares in the company to the London-based company Angliss International Ltd (later Vestey Foods Group GmbH).

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Company name changed from RARI Food International GmbH to Vestey Foods Germany GmbH; Thorsten Rachow resigns as managing director.

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Minority shareholder Thorsten Rachow comes back to the company as managing partner.

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